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  • Dutch Banking Database, 1880-1940

    • This database provides an exhaustive list of financial institutions that were active in the period between 1880-1940. Where available, it provides information on the location, year of establishment and year of closure for each of these institutions.​


  • Tafel-Vbis: Summary of all death duties in the Netherlands in 1921
    • This database is a transcription of the original Tafel-Vbis source for the year 1921. Tafel V-bis is the name of a specific ledger in the Dutch inheritance tax administration which lists all of the deceased people in the Netherlands for whom a death duty (inheritance tax declaration named Memorie van Successie) was drawn up. This dataset was compiled from all remaining Tafel-Vbis ledgers across the Netherlands. It lists basic information about the people who were taxed, such as: name, place of birth, residence, marital status, and net wealth. 

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